Writing Challenge #1: Three Posts In One Hour

A few posts ago, I talked about discomfort, and how feeling discomfort can lead to growth.

Today I decided to give myself an impromptu writing challenge to stimulate growth by causing a little bit of anxiety and discomfort.

My challenge today is to write three quality posts and to finish them all in under an hour.

I’m not going to make any other guidelines besides them having to be a complete, and concise idea. Part of being an effective communicator is having the ability to think on your feet. Just like what I’m doing right now. I have not planned any  of what I’m going to write besides the idea for this challenge. Because of this, I am having to not only type, but also let my subconscious work it’s magic by providing me with ideas for the next sentence. Never underestimate the subconscious when you’re creating!

Just like me writing right now, thinking on your feet is absolutely critical to a good salesperson. Can you imagine how effective you would be if you stuck to an unrelated script when the customer asked a question that you didn’t have a loaded answer for? You would sound like a robot! Sales is about listening, and answering questions effectively by using your customers language. Turn the situation around and remember the last time that you asked somebody a question that they didn’t even try to answer effectively. The whole experience can be extremely off-putting.

With all that being said, let me describe how I feel right now trying to feverishly type and edit at the same time…

It is absolutely nerve-wrecking! Mainly because I want to provide the best content possible, and I fear that in the haste of trying this challenge, my content will be sub-par. Should that stop me from trying this challenge? Nope! Reason being, is that even if my content isn’t amazing, completing this challenge will improve my writing for the next time I try this.

I once had a teacher that never gave out grades from essays. He had an amazing reason why, and even though it was incredibly irritating to not know my grade in the class, I totally understood why he did what he did. His reasoning was as follows… “If you don’t know what your grade was on the last essay, then you will write even better on the next one because you don’t know if you will be satisfied with the grade I gave you.”

I hope that that makes sense to you… Essentially, he was making it so that nobody could just maintain. Some people become satisfied with a B-grade, and some with a C, but since we didn’t know our grade, it forced us to try better the next time. Brilliant! And wow, I remember how astounded I was after reading my first essay versus the last. It was night and day!

Discomfort is good. Put yourself under a deadline next time you’re creating and see what magic comes out of it!

Onto post 2!

Jerrod H.


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