How To Win At Sales, Crush The Competition, And Score A Lifetime Customer — Pt. 2

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Okay, so to recap part 1, here are the 8 steps I had to follow in order to pull this off:

  1. Figure out what is going to be the topic.
  2. Create the content, and base it around the topic.
  3. Give it a snappy, attention-grabbing name (to draw interest).
  4. Create the slides (so the audience doesn’t have to look at this mug the entire time).
  5. Pick a venue.
  6. Set a date.
  7. Get people to commit to attending it.
  8. Give the presentation.

At the end of part 1, I had completed steps 1 through 4, and just had to figure out a venue and day for the presentation.

As I was inviting people to this event, I heard many reasons as to why they couldn’t make it. It was quite honestly discouraging… I thought that the enticing headline would draw my sphere of entrepreneur friends in, but alas, it didn’t.

That was until I spoke to one of my weekly networking associates. She was very interested and was quick to say that she would support me by showing up! So, i thought to myself, “Why do I want to put on a presentation for a handful of relatively uninterested people, when I could put on a one-on-one presentation for somebody that’s highly interested?”

That made me re-evaluate, and decide to do an intimate presentation, but still film it to put it up on my site.

Which brings me to my final step; giving the speech!

First, I was incredibly nervous! On top of that, I was filming myself (I HATE knowing that a camera is recording me).

Following through with this was a great lesson on moving past fears. Mine in particular was being on camera… The whole time, the back of my mind was trying to derail me by continuously making me aware of the camera. Naturally, after I finished, I was very concerned that I would be in absolute disgust at how unnatural I looked/sounded. However, after going back to rewatch it, I realized that I was able to remain cool and collected throughout the entirety of it!

In the future, I definitely plan to give this presentation again, but to a bigger audience. In essence, it means that I will be repeating steps 4 through 8 of this project. So you can expect to see another version of the video in the near future!

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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