SUV Nearly Ran Me Off The Road

We’ve all experienced the situation that happened to me just a few days ago…

I was driving along the highway in Ohio — painstakingly boring, just pavement and flat farm land — with cruise control set to 8mph above the speed limit. I was perfectly aligned in my lane, when all of a sudden, some dark blue SUV decided that it too needed to be in the same lane.

They didn’t check their side mirrors (obviously), and just breezed on by the dotted line like they were doing the “Cha-Cha Shuffle” –“slide to the left”.

Anyway, I had to quickly swerve off the shoulder of the road so that the SUV didn’t clip my car on their way over…

Did I get angry?

Flip ’em the bird?

Start driving recklessly to “get back at them”?


I simply got back into my lane, reset my cruise control and continued on my way. There was effectively nothing I could do, so I “let it go”.

The business lesson in this story is easy-peasy to understand!

When another “driver” tries to knock you off your path to your goals, simply swerve out of the way to let them pass on by. Then get your ass back in your lane and “keep on keeping on”. Every second that you stay fuming about what just happened, is another second that is distracting you from your goals.

Don’t let other “drivers” take away your control!

Until next time,

Jerrod H.



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