The Roots Of A Sales Professional

I bet that you’ve never thought about the sales lessons you can learn from a tree…

Yep. Just a good ol’ tree.

Well, I’m going to fix that today by showing you three sales principles that a strong, sturdy tree also demonstrates.

Let’s go!

1: Strong set of roots (aka — principled).

We all know that “sales” tends to be a dirty word in many people’s minds… They associate any salesperson with a slimy, used car salesman. Obviously though, there are far more salespeople out there that operate with the best interest of their customers in mind. That’s called being principled.

When you ground yourself (establish roots) in principles such as; putting your customers needs first, communicating in their language, and showing them how to solve their problems, then you are creating a system of “roots” that will make sure you never turn into the scummy type of salesperson that people dislike so much.

Every salesperson has to, first and foremost, establish how they are going to do business. Being slimy is a choice; but the better choice is to operate with a solid moral foundation that shows your customers that they can trust you!

2: Constant growth by feeding off the surrounding nutrients (aka — constant learning).

In the same way that a tree must feed and grow off of the water and nutrients in the soil surrounding it, you too must constantly learn and grow as a salesperson. Let’s be honest… it’s almost impossible to be the best at anything in life. I don’t mean to say that in a diminishing way, but to inspire you to always seek out the people that are better than you. These are the people that you can learn from!

I once heard a quote that went, “I’ve met many salespeople that say they’ve had 20 years of experience, but really, they’ve had only one year of sales experience repeated 20 years in a row”. I remember that quote hitting me like a ton of bricks. Because it’s true. So many people find a way that works just enough, and then repeat that til their death.

Take in everything. And then apply what you learn. That’s how growth occurs. You should never rest on your current knowledge or skill. Get better, everyday.

3: Moves with the wind, even though it’s grounded (aka — stay principled, but up-to-date).

When there is a breeze, what happens to a tree? That’s right. The leaves and branches move and sway. But does the tree itself move? No! The tree stays strong because of it’s roots, but also allows for the current situation to create movement.

Be like that! You must stay principled (after all, the principles you do business by are your roots), but you must also stay up-to-date with your market. This means you may have to tweak your language, your body’s language, or your target customer. The only constant in life is change. So, it applies very similarly to the constant growth.

Just as a tree stays grounded even when things around it change, you too should be ready and willing to let the winds sway you, but not un-root you!

Well, there you go. Three lessons from an every day thingTakes these lessons and use them to flourish in your sales career, or just in your everyday life!

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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