Nintendo Must’ve Been Consulted By Earl Nightingale

Nintendo recently released a bunch of new “build-and-play” cardboard toys for their Nintendo Switch.

These take me back to my childhood with k’nex and legos. I always enjoyed toys that required putting all the parts together to complete the project. But all that’s beside the point…

Back to Nintendo:

Their decision to release these cardboard toys may seem surprising to a lot of people.

“Kids don’t want to play with cardboard toys, they want new apps, better screen resolution, more youtube videos, and wireless headphones.”

Except, that’s what every single other company is putting out! Nintendo decided to do a full 180 degree turn and put out a product that no other big media company is putting out. This is a play right out of the Earl Nightingale playbook.

Earl was a prominent radio speaker and author. He dealt mostly with the subjects of character development, motivation, and meaningful existence. (In case you didn’t know.)


I can only guess that somebody at Nintendo is a fan of Nightingale. Because, there’s a famous quote by Nightingale that fits this Nintendo situation perfectly. It goes as follows:

“Look at what the majority of people are doing, and do the exact opposite, and you’ll probably never go wrong for as long as you live.”

When every other company is turning right, it’s the companies that turn left that get noticed.

This is the exact reason I don’t care to build a beautiful website, or make a complex, 100 part, online funnel. I enjoy easy. I appreciate ugly.

Ugly makes you unique. It makes you stand out.

I’d rather stand out, than blend in with the sea of people that are following the trends.

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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