Lessons From A Leaking Roof

Life doesn’t like to let up sometimes…

Earlier today, I got a call from Amanda (my wife) that the ceiling in our kitchen was leaking. What a great phone call to receive… If you’ve been following my daily posts, then you know that I just finished dealing with a major car issue. So this was great to hear that it’s something else now.

But that’s life.

As I’m typing this, I’m waiting for somebody from the apartment association to show up to verify that it’s indeed leaking (I guess somebody would have a reason to lie about that?). But since I’ve been sitting around, waiting, I’ve also got some quality thinking time in.

It’s easy for people to see these rapid succession of “problems”, and say “why me?”. It’s always easier to have something or someone to blame. Maybe the universe is out to get you. Or there’s a spooky ghost messing with your home. Or you simply have bad luck… But I want you to answer these questions:

Does having something or someone to blame make the situation any better? Does it fix the problem at hand?

Maybe having someone to be pissed at helps you mentally, but it sure it sure isn’t fixing your leaking roof. I’m not saying that you should be all happy-go-lucky, but how you react to these bad situations makes all the difference in your mental health. And if you are somebody that is in sales, or own a business, how do you think this will show to your client? Exactly. It will be incredibly off-putting. Whether you think you’re showing the anger or not, I can tell you; you are.

Don’t let these types of situations drain you. Accept them as merely a situation that is occurring, and move on. Fix the problem, if you can, or have somebody else fix it. But pay no mind to it outside of handling that. Focus on what truly matters; your health, your family’s health, and your business.

Here’s a great quote to ponder:

“Do not get upset with people or situations; both are powerless without your reaction.”

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


PS. Stoicism is an amazing resource for anybody looking to have more control over their reactions to “bad” situations. I will be talking about a lot of mentality tricks in an upcoming e-book that focuses on Stoicism and how it relates to business. Don’t miss out because it will probably only be going to my email subscribers. Simply fill out the form below to jump in.

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