HIMYM Business Lesson #4- Be A Story Teller

“That guy… Every woman in the bar is hanging on his every slightly mispronounced word… And why?”

-Barney Stinson

After Ted and Robin broke up (one of the many times…), Robin moved down to Argentina for a job assignment.

While down there, she started dating a man named Gael (Guy-El).

Well, when she came back to New York, Gael came along. This didn’t make Ted too happy, and he, naturally, was a bit bitter that she was flaunting this new guy right in his face! What made matters worse, was that everybody loved Gael. Ted couldn’t convince anyone to dislike him…

There were many reasons that it was almost impossible for somebody to hate him; he was phenomenal at giving massages, had a beautiful singing voice, could play the guitar, and had so many amazing stories!

The quote from above came from Barney while everybody was sitting around Gael, listening to one of his many captivating stories. Everyone but Barney and Ted were practically in trances by Gael’s ability to tell stories.

That’s the point of all this…

Be a great story teller!

Imagine being able to put people in a trance, simply by recounting an everyday event that happened to you! Imagine having such a strong grasp on story telling, that you never have to sell to your customers again!

That’s the power of a good story. A story can make people happy, sad, mad, furious, melancholic, joyous, etc… When you learn how to harness that ability, you will never worry about not having listeners, ever again! You will be known for your stories. Even better, your reputation will precede you, and you will be welcomed anywhere. Others will be excited to hear you speak, and have the opportunity to meet you!

People love stories. In fact, it’s how the human brain is hardwired to learn things. Think about the cave drawings that were used to communicate ideas and lessons before language evolved. The cave drawings were depictions of stories.

There are whole cultures that didn’t write a single thing down, and instead passed down their heritage through story-telling.

Here’s one way to apply this lesson:

When you are trying to show somebody the benefits of your product/service, use stories of your past satisfied customers. Customers will connect with these stories, and will automatically sell themselves on you!

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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