HIMYM Business Lesson #3- Create Curiosity

“You know how many times I could’ve cheated? 6! No, 7! And 2 of them would surprise you!”

-Robin Scherbatsky

So how do you get the attention of somebody?

Well, let’s analyze Robin’s quote for a second. She does a great job of using a secret at the end, that all tabloid magazines know intrinsically, that is sure to stop somebody in their tracks and listen.

She uses curiosity!

If you are invested in the show, when Robin says, “and 2 of them would surprise you”, that is like catnip to cute, little fluffy. You, as the viewer, feel the need to know who those 2 people are. It is creating a question that needs answered. It is…

creating an itch that needs scratched!

Let’s jump back to my mention of tabloid magazines for a minute. The “National Inquirer” is a supermarket tabloid magazine that most people will say is straight-up garbage. But… even with that being the case, millions upon millions of people buy it every week.

Why is that? Well, because the magazine pays top dollar for writers that know how to suck people in through the use of curiosity-based headlines that are impossible to miss when standing in the checkout line. Headlines that include:

  • “Father goes for kidney-treatment – Leaves hospital as a woman!”
  • “Hillary Clinton adopts alien baby”

You get the point…

You have to admit though, those headlines make you curious! They draw upon the human trait to crave a good story. (It’s no coincidence that reality TV is so popular — people love interesting, attention-getting stories!)

When you’re trying to reach your customer base, there is no better way than to draw them in by using over-the-top curiosity. (Just make sure that it relates to that particular market.)

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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