HIMYM Business Lesson #2- Just Do It

“Don’t think… do!”

-Barney Stinson

Barney said this to Ted in an episode where Marshall, Lily, and him are trying to get Ted to stop overthinking when he’s trying to pick up women.

So, Barney gets Ted to drink five shots in a row (with some much needed peer-pressure), in order to get him to just stop thinking, and start acting.

Once Ted gets out of his own head, and starts having fun (from being excessively intoxicated), he does a few things I feel are noteworthy:

  1. He is able to make an ass out of himself by standing on a bar table, and singing, karaoke style.
  2. He gets the phone number of a cute girl he meets, and takes her home after a drunk dial gone awry.

In the same way as Ted, when you start to act, and stop analyzing every little detail, great things happen! Yes, failures happen too, but every failure means you’re one step closer to success. If you don’t act because you’re scared of failure, then there is no possible chance of being successful, because you’ll never take the shot.

Imagine if any of the greatest innovators throughout history never started their projects because they were scared that it would fail…

What if Bill Gates never started Microsoft because it was too risky? What if Henry Ford never created Ford Motor Company because people were satisfied with their horse and buggy?

Stop thinking, and just start doing!

To sum up this lesson is another easy to remember quote from one of the greatest copywriters to ever live — Gary Halbert…

“Motion beats meditation.”

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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