HIMYM Business Lesson #1- Quit Being Needy

“You’re obviously a man of exquisite taste. Let me ask you something. What do you think of these boots?”

-Ted Mosby

Have you ever noticed how needy Ted is in the show? He is constantly seeking other people’s approval.

I’ll give you one of the hundreds of examples:

The red cowboy boots. Ted was talked into buying a pair of way-over-the-top, red, cowboy boots from an attractive saleswoman. After he bought them, the rest of the gang made fun of him, so he put them away.

In the episode, Ted brings the boots back out, and is insisting that he’s “pulling them off”. He bends over backwards to try and get people to think the same. In fact, he even follows Marshall to the home of the gay couple that bought Lily’s painting earlier in the episode, to get their approval.

Finally, once the gay couple give their stamp of approval, he boasts that the boots are G-CWOK (gay couple with-out kids) approved.

How much more needy could he get?

Here’s the lesson:

Don’t seek other’s approval on how to live your life. This goes double for how you do business too. Your customers will respect you more, and be more loyal for that matter, if you stay principled in your operations. This could mean turning down a potential job that you don’t want to take on, or even firing a customer because they treat you with disrespect.

If you know that you are offering the best service possible to them, then there is no reason to allow them to trample on you, or degrade your business. Remind yourself that you don’t NEED a customer that’s going to treat you like that. Stay principled, and fire their a**es!

You should never put anything or anyone on a pedestal (which is what you’re doing by being needy to somebody). Think about this quote for a minute…

“When you put somebody on a pedestal, they have no choice but to look down on you.”

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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