Exposing My Weaknesses

I’m very weak.

It’s true… In particular ways, my body is weak.

Even though I’ve been strength training for a few years now, I have certain movements that my body just can’t perform optimally. I know exactly why, too. It’s because I never train these particular movements. So, it makes total sense as to why, frankly, I suck at them.

But what lead me to realize that I was so weak in certain areas?

Well, I totally changed up my training style. Prior to about 3 weeks ago, I was doing a standard bodybuilding-type workout regimen. Then, I switched to totally calisthenics based workouts (bodyweight only).

Why’d I switch? Honestly, I don’t know. It was just something that was calling to me. You know what I’m sayin’?

Anyways, as soon as I started to do more intermediate bodyweight-only movements, was when I noticed just how weak certain aspects of my body were/are. One example would be my wall-assisted shoulder press. This movement is where I flip up into a handstand position (with my feet supported by the wall), and try to essentially do an inverted push-up. It didn’t go so hot the first time I tried it… I ended up pushing about half way back to the starting position, and hit a metaphorical brick wall. I couldn’t push up any more.

Here’s the thing though. It made total sense. I asked myself why I was so weak in that movement. And then I thought back to my training style prior. I was not doing very much overhead pressing at all. Since I didn’t practice and strengthen the overhead pushing motion, I was (and am) weak there. Now that I know what needs improvement, I can start to fix them.

What’s this all about?

The point is to remind you to switch things up sometimes! Humans are naturally fond of repetition. It’s in our DNA. We evolved to be safe, and comfortable. Our body and mind seeks that comfort. We fall into patterns, and routines, whether it’s on purpose, or just sort of happens. But, when you choose to switch things up, you’ll notice the weaknesses that were created by the same ol’, same ol’.

If you’re ready to face your weak points, then actively do something different than usual. You just may find what you want to improve next! And what’s a life without seeking improvement? Boring as hell…

Until tomorrow,

Jerrod H.


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