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The following emails were written for a Yoga Retreat during a two week promotion. These would be run one per day, monday-friday, for both weeks (with one starter email meant to warm the audience up).



I started the (Insert Name) podcast because I noticed that some amazing yoga teachers were forced to give up the practice of teaching. Either from burn-out or lack of money.

It’s sad, but it’s something that every teacher fears. Especially since teaching yoga is a higher-calling of sorts to most (if not all) yogi.

The problem is that even if you are the best teacher, that skill alone won’t make you thrive. You need business training. That is, unless you want to teach 25 classes every week just to make- ends-meet.

But so many teachers end up in that same position. You might be one of them. You may wonder why you work so much, to make so little. It all comes back to that business training.

Do you want to live a comfortable lifestyle? Or, do you want to live paycheck-to-paycheck? Those are the questions you should ask yourself.

If you want to live, just getting by… then you can stop reading now. I have nothing for you. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

However, if you’re one that’s ready to start living your dream, then this could be the most impactful email you’ll receive in your lifetime.

Here’s why:

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be giving you the opportunity to change your yoga biz practice around. I’ll be showing you how you can make more money, teach less classes, find your purpose, and live comfortably.

In short, I’m going to show you how to elevate.

But, you’ll have to tune in to tomorrow’s email…

Until then,

Amanda (Last Name)

What is Vitamin P?

A couple years back I did a podcast episode with Brea Johnson (renowned teacher and creator of Hearts and Bones Yoga).

Brea and I were talking about yoga (obviously…), when she brought up a moment from her past that was a wake up call. She said that she was at the monkey bars with her son, and she tried to swing across them. But she couldn’t…

I know that sounds like a non-event almost, but here’s why it was a smack in the face. This was at a point when she was teaching 25 yoga classes per week! Brea said she was so strong in all the movements that she taught in her yoga classes, but yet she couldn’t do a simple monkey bar swing.

Why was this?

Well, because yoga traditionally never focuses on pulling exercises. Even though her shoulders were tough, her back was unbelievably weak.

That’s when she realized that pulling motions were a missing element in yoga. From there, she went on to study the biomechanics of the body to create a more wholesome form of teaching that helped her students strengthen all their muscle groups.

She said that “everybody could use a serving of Vitamin Pulling”.

In the same way that pulling exercises are not focused on, neither is the business side of being a yoga teacher, in the YTT.

Every teacher has put in at least the 200 hours it takes to be an effective teacher, but not everyone has the same shot at succeeding. This is because business training is crucial to creating a successful teaching business whether you work for yourself or another studio owner.

But most people coming out of the YTT have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to the commerce side.

Enter our retreat…

Kelly Smith (founder of Yoga For You, and the Mindful In Minutes Podcast) and I will be hosting a 6 day, 7 night retreat where we will teach you the ins and outs of creating a profitable, sustainable business as a teacher.

We’ll show you everything from how to create multiple revenue streams (without travelling between cities 5 times per week), how to make more money per client, and how to build a sustainable business without having to teach 20+ classes per week!

For more details, click here: (LINK)


Amanda (Last Name)

A mentor once told me the main reason he became successful

On my very first M.B.Om podcast episode, Jeff Mah told me one BIG reason why he became a successful yoga teacher.

He said that he was in the right place, at the right time.

Jeff got into the yoga scene just as it was taking off. (This was at a time where job offers came to you.) And, there was a severe shortage of male teachers. Because of all this, it lead to Jeff having a golden opportunity at hand.

Now, it wasn’t just all luck. Jeff actually was a good teacher, and he deserved to have that opportunity. But also, he took action on it.

He noticed the opportunity and followed through.

I get this may seem discouraging… There’s something to say for having the luck of being somewhere at the exact right moment.

The good news is, that there’s always a “right place, right time” happening, as long as you know what to look for.

That’s why Kelly Smith and I decided to put on this retreat.

We want to give a few of the truly dedicated teachers out there the opportunity to be at just the right place, at the right time.

And nows the perfect time, because we’re offering $X00 off for two weeks only (or until spots run out, which could very well be sooner).

If you really want to be a successful teacher, check out this link for details:



Amanda (Last Name)

Yoga is an ancient practice, but guess what isn’t…

Yoga has been around since ancient times. It has helped hundreds of millions of people find peace and health in their lives.

I’m guessing that’s how you ended up becoming a teacher. Yoga probably had a transformative effect on your life. And you wanted to turn around and help others achieve that as well!

Helping others achieve peace through yoga is one of the most satisfying feelings as a teacher. To know that you helped impact someone’s life for the better is incredible.

But, even though yoga is an ancient practice, the yoga business world isn’t…

The business world is more cut-throat than ever. There are chain yoga studios opening up left and right. And it can seem impossible to separate yourself from them. And guess what, they have a million dollar advertising budget.

That’s your competition.

And if you want to be successful, create a fulfilling life, and not have to work yourself dead, then you have to be the best business person you can possibly be.

In today’s world, just being a great teacher isn’t enough. There are thousands of teachers, and they all have the same goals as you. That’s ultimately why I started the M.B.Om podcast. I wanted to help give my listeners the insight necessary to start and maintain a successful yoga business.

That’s where our retreat comes in.

Kelly Smith and I want to teach you everything it takes to run a seriously profitable business.

And we have a serious discount going on for two short weeks (or until spots fill up, which could be quicker than two weeks).

Check out the details here: (LINK)


Amanda (Last Name)

The dirtiest word in the yoga biz


So many teachers fail because they can’t make enough money to sustain a balanced life. They either explicitly fail from lack of money, or get burned out from having to teach 20+ classes per week.

At the same time, many teachers feel that it’s greedy to charge higher prices. They feel that it goes against the practice of non-attachment.

Let me frame this differently though.

Money and profit are not dirty words.

You became a teacher so that you could help change lives and minds, right? Great!

But, in order to do so, you have to have passion for what you do. Well, it’s hard to have passion when you can barely pay your bills. And if you lose your passion, then you’ll lose your ability to effectively change people’s lives.

You wanting to live a comfortable lifestyle isn’t greed. And you shouldn’t feel bad charging clients more to work with you. Doing that is necessary if you want to have a balanced life, where you have passion for your work, and can also live without money problems.

Then, you can continue to change lives for years to come!

Our retreat will help you determine your niche, so that you can charge a higher fee. We will help you separate yourself from the yoga “general practitioners”. And, we do it in a way that let’s you use your own unique story and purpose.

Plus, to help with the money side of it, we’re giving a big discount to the first few that sign up (but once spots are gone, they’re gone).

Click here for details:



Amanda (Last Name)

That’s not real yoga

I hear this statement sometimes, and it really irritates me.

People are usually saying this about different trends. Things like goat yoga, beer yoga, etc…

It truly frustrates me.

Yoga is a personal journey. Yoga can be anything you want it to be. A simple calf stretch can be yoga. Standing in a busy line at the grocery store can be yoga practice (maintaining mind while the cashier is slow, there’s a baby crying, and somebody’s paying in nickels).

If you were sitting on the ground with your index fingers up to your temples, that may be yoga to you. Who am I to tell you it’s not?

Part of being an effective teacher is giving your students the freedom to find their own path to “enlightenment”. Yes, we as teachers can correct form and instruct. But, we are in no position to tell them what is and isn’t yoga.

There are many ways to find enlightenment. There are also many ways to be a successful teacher.

Our retreat will teach you many different ways to start and sustain a profitable yoga business. We’ll teach you how to create multiple revenue streams, and how to build systems that continuously bring you new clients!

You don’t have long to sign up before spots are all filled. And we’re giving a huge discount, but only for a short time (and it’s all over when the limited number of spots are filled).

Let us help you build your dream yoga biz. Click here:



Amanda (Last Name)

I’ll always remember the impact I made on her…

When I was living in Atlanta, I was teaching yoga to a friend of my Mom.

She was a devout student. She would get up for a 6am class every tuesday. And, she would even go to a studio that she didn’t like; just because I was teaching there.

One random tuesday, I had to give up my class last minute. This happened because my boyfriend’s appendix had to be removed. So, it was a litlle bit of an emergency.

When she realized that I wasn’t coming, she got worried. I had never had to give up this class, and she was there every week, without fail. So, she knew that I should be there.

We became friends from the classes, private sessions, and getting coffee together.

When the time came for me to leave Atlanta, she told me that I had inspired her go forward with her teacher training.

It was incredibly profound to know that I had made such an impact on her!

I want to be able to make this much of an impact on you when you attend my retreat. I pride myself on having the ability to help you change your business utilizing my commerce background.

Let me teach you exactly how to create your dream yoga biz.

Click here for details:



Amanda Kingsmith

P.S. The discounted price is only going to last for two short weeks, or until the spots are filled (whichever comes first). So, make sure to get in while you still can!


The three most important lessons

Today I don’t have any story for you.

I just wanted to take this time to give you a simple list of the top three lessons you’ll learn at our yoga biz retreat.

You’ll learn…

  1. How to weave your own unique story into your brand, and maintain brand consistency across all platforms.
  2. Who your target customer is, what your niche is, and what makes you stand-out from the competition.
  3. How to create funnels to maximize revenue and minimize the time you have to spend on the business tasks. (That way, you can focus on the important part; the yoga!)

Don’t let this opportunity pass by! (And don’t miss out on the discounted price.)

Click here for details:



Amanda (Last Name)

I hate to break it to you…

Yoga is something so personal and wonderful.

Almost everyone I talk to says that they started yoga for health reasons, but eventually learned that it helped them strengthen their mind as well.

When you make the leap into teaching , it can seem like a bright beautiful world. You’re finally going to make a living by following your passion. And think of all the lives you’ll help change!

Most teachers believe that as long as they show up, and do right by their clients, that the rest of their success will fall into place…

But it doesn’t work like that…

Unfortunately, many teachers get so burned out from having to teach 20+ classes per week, that it drains their passion. But why do they have to teach so many classes? Because they don’t make enough money per session to live a comfortable life.

Jeff Mah (owner of Yoga Lounge) said that this was his biggest mistake in his career. And, this was just a few years ago.

That’s why we’re holding this retreat. Kelly Smith and I want to help you skip these pitfalls and give you a quicker path to success. We can help you minimize the common mistakes that put so many other well-intentioned yoga teachers out of business.

To join us for a deeply discounted price, click here:



Amanda (Last Name)

What you DON’T need to be successful

Awhile ago, I had somebody message me saying, “This (popular instagram yogi) is somebody I idolize. How can I be like them? I don’t have the money to pay for professional photos, to build a large following”.

This is a common thought among younger yoga teachers. They think that in order to “make it”, they have to have tens of thousands of follows online.

But this is just plain wrong!

Many very successful teachers don’t even have an instagram presence at all. In fact, many barely havemore online presence than a website. But still, the best ones are like local celebrities.

I know I’ve mentioned Jeff Mah before, but he’s a great example of a teacher that has that local celebrity status. He can’t even go food shopping during normal times since it would take him hours to get through the store after talking to everybody that stops him to converse.

There’s more than one way to find your purpose and create a profitable yoga biz.

And that’s exactly what we teach you in our 6 day retreat! You’ll leave with the knowledge and skills to create and sustain whatever level of success you’re looking for.

To check out the details, and get in for a heavily discounted price, click here:



Amanda (Last Name)

The time I learned headstands

I was taking a class with the tremendous Erin Evans (who has also been on the podcast).

In this class, we were working on inversions. I really wanted to get a headstand without the assistance of a wall.

As I was working on them, Erin came up to me and said, “You got this!”

I said, “No, I still need the wall.

She responded, “No you don’t! I can see that you got this. You’re just relying on the wall. I want you to turn around and do it again away from the wall.”

Well, I decided to go for it. Even though I thought I was going to fall on my face, I listened to her. I setup to do a headstand without the wall as a support.

Erin said, “You got it! I’m right here if you need me. But you definitely don’t need the wall.”

So, I did it.

I was wobbly, but I was doing it! Erin was there, but she wasn’t touching me. And ever since that moment, I’ve been confident in my headstands.

As a teacher, you may be relying on somebody else even if you don’t want to. You may think that there’s no chance of success if you don’t work for somebody else. But, that’s just not the case.

You can be successful on your own. Even if you’re scared.

When you sign up for my retreat, you will be given the knowledge and skills to get rid of the metaphorical wall. And we’ll be here for you, just in case.

It’s time to let go of the fears, and start living your dream!

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Amanda (Last Name)