Email Portfolio- Local Gym

The following “emails” are written for a local gym/fitness center during a New Year’s Week promotion. These would be run one per day from January 1st through January 5th.

Can I draw a picture of God?

I just heard this story about this young girl that was given the title, “world’s most confident 4th grader” by her teacher.

Apparently, she wasn’t the best at anything in particular. She didn’t have the best grades, she wasn’t the best musician, and she wasn’t the most athletic. But… she was  the most confident, by a long-shot!

Well, I guess one day, she was in art class and the teacher decided that it was essentially a free-for-all day. The teacher told the students that they could do absolutely anything they wanted. They could finger-paint, paper-mache, draw, or whatever else they wanted to do for the next 45 minutes of class.

At that point, after the teacher was done telling the class what they were doing for the day, the world’s most confident 4th grader raised her hand and ask, “Can I draw a picture of God?”

Taken back, the teacher replied with, “Nobody really knows what God looks like…”

Now, in the history of comebacks, the 4th grader had the best one that you could ever imagine. (Remember, she was known for being incredibly confident.)

She simply said back, “They will, once I’m done!”

Incredible, right?!

Even as I type this story, I am laughing at how amazing that reaction was!

But really, wouldn’t you like to have that much confidence? I know I would…

A large part of being confident is being happy with your body (not for the purpose of pleasing others, but to feel good about yourself).

We’re on a mission to help everyday, normal people — just like you and I — get in the best shape of their life. And not just physically, but mentally as well!

That’s why, for the first 5 days of the New Year, we’re giving you a whole month of personal training on us!

“Now, hold up… Are you kiddin’ me?” you might be thinking. Well, think again, cause we’re as serious as a heart attack.

Here’s the deal:

You don’t have to put a single dollar down until the last free session. If you, for whatever reason, don’t feel satisfied by the progress that your trainer has helped you achieve, then you can make a clean break — no hard feelings!

Come in TODAY to schedule your free training sessions, cause this deal won’t last long (just like that lack of confidence)!

Is my spouse even attracted to me anymore?

I’m not going to beat around the proverbial bush here…

know that this question runs through far too many people’s heads.

It’s tough to grapple with the feeling of not being attractive or sexy to your loved one anymore. I’m not going to pretend it is…

You want them to see you and say… well… things I’m not going to write (’cause it could get real dirty, real fast).

Anyways, here’s the deal.

It’s hard to get past that mental barrier. It’s even more difficult to not self sabotage when you feel that way.

Enter our highly trained personal fitness coaches.

Our team of personal trainers are more than your average gym’s trainers. We make sure that we only bring in the most caring people, so that we can help you (the customer) truly change your life, AND your mind. (Don’t worry, you’re not going to be yelled at to do squats until you puke…)

And guess what… We’ve done it for too many others to count!

We can help you feel confident again. We can help you feel attractive again. I’ll bet that when you’re done with our program, you’ll even feel rather sexy again!

Here’s how to get started:

Just stop on in (or call, if you want), sign up for your FREE month of personal training (offer only lasts for 4 more days!) and schedule your first session. It literally couldn’t get any easier than that to begin your transformation!

Remember though, you only have today, and 3 (count ’em, 3) more days after today to get this deal. Don’t miss out!

PS. If you aren’t satisfied after the free month of training, just don’t schedule another session — no harm, no foul. We’re here to help you change your life, and we’ll put our money where our mouth is!

I’m practically starving myself… why is the scale not budging?

You switch from the burger to the salad. You switch from coke to diet coke. You start taking the stairs instead of the elevator…

So, you think to yourself, “Why am I not losing any weight?”

Trust me, I get it… It’s incredibly f**king frustrating! Isn’t losing weight supposed to be easy? That’s what all the shredded, 6-pack wielding, gurus say on TV.

And then, let’s not even get into how crazy all the contradicting information there is out there! (That’s a conversation for a different day…)

So, how do you break the barrier and start dropping those unwanted pounds? Well, I could tell you… or… you could let us show you!

For the next 3 days (which includes today), we’re giving away a whole dang month of training with one of our incredibly capable personal trainers.

But don’t hesitate on taking us up on this offer, ’cause we can’t offer this deal to everyone. We’ve had so much demand over the past two days, that we’re going to have to shut it down soon (hopefully not before the 5 days is up)…

Point is, that if you have even the slightest want for somebody to teach you how to actually start losing that weight, then you need to come in TODAY to sign up! And remember, at the end of the month, there’s no contract holding you in. If we don’t help you start transforming your body into the sexy bod it could be, you can make a clean break — no questions asked!

Stop in, or call, today, and ask for the month of free training! That’s it. Easy-peasy.

I work 12 hour days. Where am I going to find the time to workout?

When you work so many hours, it feels like staying fit is merely a dream.

I mean, “everyone knows that you have to be in the gym 5-7 days per week to be effective…”

Good news, though. That’s total BS!

With all the terrible advice out there, it can start to feel like you have to be in the gym every day of the week, or you might as well not go at all. First, let me give you a quick tip; anyone that says anything like that has NO idea what they’re talking about. Don’t pay them any attention. Second, it’s totally possible to have a great balance of work and health; even while working 60-70 hour weeks!

And guess what… we’re going to show you how.

When you sign up for your free month of personal training, your trainer will help you develop the perfect program to fit your individual needs. This not only includes working out, but eating habits as well. We’ve helped people get their health back while only coming to the gym 1-2 days per week! It was doable for them, and I would bet that it’s doable for you too! Your program will be so custom tailored that it will feel like it’s just another unintrusive part of your daily life.

Seriously, you have absolutely nothing to lose by stopping in (or calling) to sign up for the free month of training. At worst, you learn a couple interesting, easy to stick to ways to better yourself, and then stop the sessions after the first month.

Give us the opportunity to help you work on your goals. I know you won’t be disappointed! Stop in, or call xxx-xxx-xxxx, today!



Do you want to live as your kids grow up, or just exist?

There’s no sugar-coating this one…

Living with excess weight, or with an unhealthy lifestyle, is the most efficient way to make sure that you never get to really be there as your kids grow up.

Here’s what I mean. Sure, you may be around, but you certainly won’t be keeping up with them. It will be hard for you to play outside with them. It will be almost impossible to play a game of tag because you’ll be out of breath within 2 minutes of trying to run. You won’t be able to play legos on the floor because your joints will hurt too much, or carry them on your shoulders when they’re too tired to walk…

Do you relate to this at all? Do you feel like this is an accurate description of your life? (I put emphasis on that, well, because it’s not living. Plain and simple. It’s just existing…)

Not only will you not be able to be there for your kids, but you’ll also be doing a tremendous amount of damage to your body. I could list terrible side effects of excessive weight for days (but that’s for another time and place).

Right now, however, I want you to do something. I want you to really imagine what it would be like to be in peak health. Imagine having more energy than your kids. Imagine being able to lift them up with ease to give them a big hug. How would you feel if you could go out and play sports with them; teach them how to play soccer, or throw a baseball, or even go ice skating with them.

You CAN do all that stuff by getting healthier. And we’re going to help you get there. We want you to live the happiest, healthiest life possible (but balanced — no “coming to the gym 10 days per week” type thing).

And that’s why we’re giving you, yes you, a whole free month of personal training with no strings attached. Our goal is to be a voice of motivation, a “shoulder to cry on”, and a helping hand in your transformation!

But today is the last day that this offer is available! If you want to change your life, and start actually living, stop in (or call) TODAY to set up your first FREE session (’cause tomorrow will be too late).