Email Portfolio- Flower Shop

The following “emails” are written for a local flower shop during a Mother’s Day Weekend promotion. These would be run one per day from Wednesday through Saturday with a bonus “last minute” email on Sunday.

A Big Plate Of Guilt Only Your Mama Can Dish Out…

Well, it’s four days before Mother’s Day and you haven’t even bought a gift for her yet!

What are you doing? Time’s running out!

Luckily for you, we can help out. You see, we don’t want you to have to deal with the guilt trip that is on the horizon if your only mother in the world found out that you put her on the back-burner until the day of Mother’s Day.

She’s only responsible for you being alive… Don’t you think she at least deserves the small debt of gratitude that a well prepared child can give by simply sending or bringing her flowers? Because I think she does!

So that’s why, for these 4 days (Wednesday-Saturday), we’re holding an incredible sale on all of our bouquets! If you order today, you’ll get a cool 29% knocked off your bill (29 — the oldest a women can get).

But don’t delay, because this sale is going to wipe us clean out of the most popular flowers first (cough cough… lilies, roses, tulips, etc).

Call us NOW at xxx-xxx-xxxx to get 29% off of your order, and reserve the best bouquet… for the best Mom!

A Scientifically Proven Way To Make Your Mom Happy On Mother’s Day?

I bet you’re thinking that the answer is simply “flowers”…

Well, you’re correct! But probably not for the exact reason that you assume it is.

What I’m referring to is color choice!

Did you know that certain colors are scientifically proven to invoke particular emotions? Fun fact, right?

•Yellow is shown to promote optimism and mental clarity.

•Red is shown to promote high-energy.

•Orange is shown to promote warm and inviting feelings.

So, here’s how this relates to you:

Mother’s day is in three days… And if you want to absolutely guarantee that what you give your Mom makes her happy, then look no further than a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers, that’s filled to the brim with reds, oranges, and yellows!

Help your Mom feel happy, warm, and high-spirited with the gift of flowers!

Call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx to reserve your bouquet in time for Mother’s Day. Plus, if you call us today, you’ll receive our Mother’s Day special of 29% off your order!

Memorable Mimosa For Mother’s Day

I bet your Mom would love for you to make her day special by playing bartender and making her a few drinks!

I mean, she did have to deal with you growing up. And I’m sure she didn’t do that without some liquid help along the way…

That’s why I’m going to give you a very memorable mimosa recipe that you can make for her on Sunday.

Let’s go!

Creamsicle Mimosa Float

Here’s what you need:

• Chilled champagne

• 12oz can of orange juice concentrate, thawed

• 12oz milk

• 3 large scoops of vanilla bean ice cream

• 6-8 small scoops of vanilla bean ice cream

How to make it:

• Using a cookie dough scoop, scoop out 6-8 small scoops of vanilla bean ice cream into a container lined with wax or parchment paper and freeze overnight before serving.

• To make creamsicle base, add thawed orange juice concentrate, 12 oz of milk and 3 large scoops of vanilla bean ice cream to a blender and blend until smooth.

• To serve, add a small scoop of ice cream to your glass, top with creamsicle base about a third of the way up the glass and top with chilled champagne.

• Serve immediately and enjoy!


There you go! A great recipe for your Mom on Mother’s Day.

Now that you have the drinks covered, all you need are the flowers. Well, we’re going to help you out with those too (we’re just making your life too easy)!

We still have our Mother’s Day Weekend sale going on that gives you a refreshing (kinda like the Mimosa above) 29% discount on any bouquet you order until the end of day Saturday (which is tomorrow, by the way!). But don’t wait til last minute, because our stock is going fast.

Call today and reserve your bouquet for the sweetest Mom in the world… YOURS!


If You Lived In A Lifetime Channel Original…

Well, we’re down to the wire here for Mother’s Day…

It’s tomorrow (in case you didn’t remember)!

Let’s imagine that you and I were in a Lifetime Original Movie. It would go a little something like this…

You would be scrambling around on Mother’s Day to get the perfect bouquet of flowers for your amazing Mom (whom you’re about to meet in like 30 minutes!). You would go shop to shop, and finally stumble on one flower shop that had the absolutely perfect bouquet. Not just any bouquet, but a set of flowers so colorful and vibrant that your Mom would have to be the wicked witch of the west to not adore them. So, you scoop the bouquet up, check out, and meet your Mom just in time. You hand her the flowers, and she immediately melts. She has the best child ever, doesn’t she?

Well… that’s how it would play out.

Unfortunately life is a little more gritty than that.

What would most likely happen in real life, is that you would show up at the first shop, find something okay, and call it a day. Is that what you want for your Mom? Just okay…

Of course not!

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to get that Lifetime bouquet; the bouquet so beautiful that it brightens up the darkest of rooms.

We want to make sure you’re Mom has the best Mother’s Day possible! And it all starts with the flowers!

Call NOW (as in this very minute), and be the hero of Mother’s day (just like in the Lifetime version). Tomorrow will be too late…


PS. You can still get the 29% Mother’s Day discount if you call now!

Last Minute Mother’s Day Flowers

Today’s the day!

If you’re reading this, then you probably waited (against all good judgement), and don’t have flowers for your Mom…

Well, you’re in luck, because we still have some great bouquets that are ready to go!

I don’t have any fancy story for you, just a cold-hard pitch to pick up your last minute flowers from US.

Call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx, and we’ll have your bouquet ready to go. We’ll make it so easy that you can practically pick up your order drive-thru style!

PS. Don’t worry, we’ll still give you the 29% Mother’s Day discount.