Don’t Even Bother Reading This If You Don’t Like Hard Work

Today’s story is about my wife, Amanda, and how she busted her ass to get to where she is today.

Currently, Amanda is an optician for the Costco Vision Center. But, she didn’t start there…

She was hired by Costco in October, 2012 to work in the deli department. This meant that she would have to be in ~40 degree temperature during her work days. Not only did she have to deal with constant cold temperatures, but she was also required to lift 70-100 lb boxes, meats, etc. And, one small thing I forgot to mention about Amanda…

…she’s 95 lbs…

Now, the way Costco works, is that you get hired en masse during one of their busy seasonal times. Basically, you’re a temp for 3 months, and they can terminate your employment at any point during the 3 months, or at the 3 month mark. After the busy season is over, they will keep the best employee or two from each department (if there is room). Only then, do you become an official employee.

Well, even though my 95 lb wife had everything going against her — and she was a temp along with 200 lb males, that could complete the jobs with more ease — she was 1 of 2 people hired on! Talk about hard work, and having to prove yourself to a higher degree!

Naturally, she didn’t want to stay in the deli forever, so after the 6 month mark, she transferred to the front end. After a few years on the front end (cashier, cashier-assistant, etc), she was able to transfer to the optical department. Being hired to the optical department meant that she got an immediate raise from the front end.

Here’s the caveat to the optical department, though. When you are hired there, you only have a certain amount of time to pass 2 certification exams in order to stay in the department. These exams are nothing to raise your nose at… In fact, 50% of people fail on the first attempt. Because my wife worked her butt off to learn the material, and studied for months on end, she passed both exams on the first attempt!

Her main point of pride about all of this, is that she now has 2 sets of “letters” behind her name (think of the letters behind a doctor’s name). I know, sounds funny, but everybody gets excited about different things (she was obviously excited for the raises too!).

Here’s the point, if you’re too dense to get it…

Hard work will always pay off, as long as you’re working¬†smart as well. When you combine the two, you are setting yourself up for greatness!

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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