Day 29: Radio Commercial Gets It Right

I was driving around today when I heard a radio commercial for Duracell.

I don’t turn the radio on often, but today I felt like saving data and just going old-skool. As the commercials came on in between songs, a Duracell ad started playing. I was intrigued since I like paying attention to advertisements in all media now.

Much to my surprise, the ad was great! I thought it was going to be like most other ads — pitching the features of the product. But this particular ad went in for the kill using emotion.

Instead of feature-pitching, they used a scenario that the listener was supposed to picture. The main idea was something like this…

If you don’t want to be remembered as the parents that had to go out to the mini-mall to buy batteries on Christmas day, in a robe, then you should use Duracell batteries.

Notice that Duracell doesn’t even make a claim about their product. They allude to the feature of their extended battery life, but don’t openly say it. Instead, they paint a very clear picture of an embarrassing situation that could happen if you don’t buy their brand of battery.

This comes back to selling with stories, and emotion. Duracell hits on the fear of being an embarrassing parent. And, they give you a solution to not end up in that scenario.

Short, funny, and effective advertising. Good job Duracell!

Until tomorrow,

Jerrod H.


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