Day 28: Lessons From Settle

In a world where business owners are scared to email their list more than once a week (or once a month)…

There stands a defiant man. He is defiant of so-called “common knowledge” in the marketing world.

You’ll commonly hear that if you email your email list frequently, your customers will get annoyed and unsubscribe.

This man calls BULLSH*T on that advice. In fact, this man emails his list every single day.

His name is Ben Settle. And he has been one of the biggest influences on me as a salesman and a writer.

Ben is one of the best email marketers in the world. And it’s his methodology that makes him so damn successful. Like I said, he emails his list every single day. But, he emails in a particular way. You’ll never find Ben sending the same old stale promo emails like…

“Hurry! Sale ends tomorrow.”

“Here’s why we’re the best!”

“Insert any other lame, overused email template.”

Instead of writing like that, he mixes his sales pitches with stories. I’ve mentioned how effective it is to sell with stories. Stories are hardwired as the most effective way to communicate ideas and concepts. Ben focuses on entertaining his audience with stories, but still selling something in every email.

That’s right, he pitches something in every email. Every day. Every subscriber. And as a Ben Settle subscriber myself, I can tell you that I wish he emailed more than once a day. Every email is entertaining. And therefore, I welcome them (anxiously await them, actually).

And that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned from him:

Make everything entertaining!

When you can accomplish that, your audience will love to hear from you. No matter how often you email them.

To see Ben in action, click here:

Until tomorrow,

Jerrod H.


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