Day 27: STOP. Read This!

I’m back at it with another sales lesson from Psych!

Shawn Spencer is the absolute best at getting people to stop in their tracks and listen to what he has to say. And it’s not just because of his over-the-top antics. People stop and listen because Shawn knows how to pick up on important parts of their life, and uses that info in his “psychic” reading.

In one episode, he picked up that a heavy metal/gothic looking guy was actually a poet. He did this by simply noticing a few things that others would look past. So, even though the guy he was “reading” didn’t believe Shawn was psychic at first, after Shawn brought up poetry, the guy changed his mind.

This is the power of getting people to listen by bringing up hot-button issues that the customer is facing.

When you’re trying to get the customer to pay attention, ask yourself this question:

What’s the one thing you can say that will stop your target in their tracks? Even if they are being chased by a pack of wolves, and your customer has a raw steak around their neck.

When you can find the one thing that brings them to a halt, nothing will stop them from listening to you when you offer a solution to their problems.

People care about themselves, and their problems. Use this knowledge to create an irresistible opening statement and pitch.

Until tomorrow,

Jerrod H.


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