Day 26: Easiest Way To Make Friends And Build Rapport

Yesterday, I talked about how being a good storyteller will make you a better salesman.

Today, I’m going to let you in on a sales principle that you may know, but absolutely need to hear again, and again, and again…

If you follow this advice, you’ll make build rapport and trust with people so quickly it’ll shock you.

Without further ado:

“Become genuinely interested in other people.”

That piece of advice is from the great Dale Carnegie. Carnegie was a master relationship-builder, and honestly, my sales idol. You know somebody is the best when their training, from 70 years ago, is still the gold standard in the industry. Carnegie never said anything that wasn’t principle based. He knew people, and he knew human nature.

Being interested in others is such a quick way to build rapport because people love to talk about themselves. And when you let somebody talk about themselves, AND actively listen, you’ll have a better connection with them than 99% of the people they’ll ever meet.

Most people care only about themselves. Trust me, I’m not immune to this, and neither are you. Becoming interested is a skill. It requires practice, and a conscious effort. But, when you master it, you’ll be able to form quick bonds with just about anyone.

Remember, everyone loves to talk about themselves. So let them!

Until tomorrow,

Jerrod H.


P.S. To see a whole slew of other principles that Dale Carnegie wrote about, check out his book, “How To Win Friends And Influence People”. It is the gold standard of sales books, and a requirement for any good sales library!

Check it out here:

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