Day 25: Papa Elf Teaches You How To Sell

“Elves love to tell stories”

-Papa Elf (Elf 2003)

I’ve watched Elf about 23,000 this past month…

Yes, I love the movie. Yes, I think Will Ferrell is perfect in the role. And yes, I even still laugh at the movie even after 35,000 views.

But, the difference from this year vs. prior years is that I picked up on a business lesson in the first minute of the movie. (See, you too can get this good at picking out fun little lessons from random places with enough practice!)

Anyways… back to the lesson.

“Elves love to tell stories.” The secret behind that statement is that everybody likes to tell stories. Even better, everybody likes to learn, and be sold to, through stories too!

Storytelling is literally hardwired into the human brain as the most effective way of communicating ideas. Our brains are able to follow, and remember good stories.

Think about your favorite show on TV. Why do you like it? The cinematography? Probably not. The actors? Maybe. The music? Doubt it…

You like it because it has a great story line! It pulls you in. The show makes you literally feel like you’re living in their world for a brief moment in time.

That’s the power of good storytelling. And if you can master it, you can not only make friends instantly, but you can sell customers effectively.

Who’s the most interesting person at any party? The person with the best stories. That person is always the talk of the night. They have the ability to turn a dull party into a party where everybody is captivated for hours by their tales.

Fill your pitches with enough hard-data (you need to show proof). But, fill it MORE with stories! How did your previous customers feel after the bought from you? What did your past customers accomplish with your help? How is this customer’s life going to change after buying what you’re selling? These are all stories ready to be used and profited from.

A great resource I came across that helped me improve my storytelling skills is a book called, “The Story Factor”. I bet it will help you too.

Check it out here:

Until tomorrow,

Jerrod H.


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