Day 24: When You Read, Also Implement

Sometimes, I get caught going on autopilot when my wife is talking to me.

I have a one track mind, and sometimes she tries to talk to me when I’m in the middle of something. I don’t do it to be rude. It’s something that just happens.

Apparently though, I’m pretty darn good at holding a conversation even when I’m checked out mentally. Call it a honed skill, I guess.

However, when my wife tries to bring something up from our conversation at a later time, I have no idea what she’s talking about. It just goes to show, that even if my brain was functioning enough to create autoresponses, I wasn’t actually listening.

Would I call this ability a skill? Sure.

Would I call it a useful skill? Absolutely not.

In reality, it’s kind of disrespectful to my wife. But, the main problem is that if she decides to tell me something important, I’ll forget it. Again, I’m not actually listening to her.

Listening without processing the information is about as effective as reading without implementing the knowledge.

I could hand you a book with a 100% effective method of earning a million bucks. But, if you don’t implement the system, then you’ll earn nothing.

Reading alone does not give you value. Turning what you read into action is where books become treasure chests.

And, this doesn’t only apply to physical action. Growing your mind is just as important. Challenge your perceptions, or deepen your knowledge. Reading will allow you to grow both physically and mentally.

I recently read a blog post by T.K. Coleman (writer for and general badass) where he talks about missing the bitcoin investment train. He said that even though you missed getting into bitcoin on the ground floor, you are never too late to invest in books.

Books contain almost every piece of valuable information ever thought up. If you’re just merely reading to read, then they’re useless. But, if you’re reading to internalize and implement, then you’ve opened up Pandora’s box of knowledge and possibilities everytime you open a book.

Read and prosper.

Until tomorrow,

Jerrod H.


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