Day 22: Easy Practice I Started Using To Not Forget Things

One of the best practices I implemented into my life was summarizing conversations at the end of a phone call/discussion.

Now, I don’t mean just any conversations. I obviously wouldn’t do this when speaking to a friend about how they’re doing. I use this practice when I need to remember specific details. This could be things like tasks I have to complete, or even just suggestions I’d like to remember.

Some discussions can last 20-45 minutes. I can’t always recall a particular thing said at the 5 minute mark, when we’re coming up on the 30 minute mark. My memory is bogged down by other important things, like song lyrics, or random facts. But, by utilizing this practice of summarizing, I can make the important topics top of mind, instead of having to recall a bunch of different snippets from different times.

Plus, it’s a great way to establish trust. When you can bring up all the major points, the other person knows you were actively listening! People will like you instantaneously when they know that you truly listen.

Use this practice to make sure that you never forget a deadline, miss a task, or let somebody down again!

Until tomorrow,

Jerrod H.


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