The Best Way To Quit Smoking Is To…

I just read a great story about Bob Stupak.

To give you a little intro on Bob Stupak:

Stupak was a “casino magnate, world-record motorcycle racer, professional poker player, mayoral candidate and Harlem Globetrotter for a day”. And this list is not, by any means, exhaustive.

Anyways, Stupak decided to quit smoking at one point in his life. This wasn’t the first time though. In fact, he had tried to break the habit more times than he could count. Then, he devised a plan that would guarantee that he would never smoke again!

He was known for his advertising ability. He was a marketing genius. Stupak would use any and every medium possible to advertise his businesses. He had direct mail campaigns that ran for over a decade straight — without any tweaks to the copy. I say all this to make sure you realize how brilliant of a strategist Stupak was when he wanted to accomplish something.

So, how did he quit smoking?

He put up a billboard that read, “I’ll pay you $300,000 if you catch me smoking”.

Naturally, people wanted that $300,000. And they followed him around day and night. Whether he was going out to eat, or going to the restroom.

Stupak decided that he wanted to do something. Then, he put his money where his mouth is.

We can all learn a lesson from this story. He didn’t hope to quit smoking, he made a decision to quit smoking. He then found a way to ensure that he would follow through.


Next time I want to break a vice, or get moving on a project, I’ll simply think to myself, “what would Stupak do?”

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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