A Shameless Stroke To The Ego

Here’s what a customer had to say about my business:

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jerrod and his team very much for the outstanding customer service. I am thrilled with your work and the whole experience. I will definitely be using (and recommending) your services in the future.
Thanks again!!”

I always appreciate when a customer takes the time to leave me a good review after using my services!

But did I post this just to stroke my ego?

Nope! I actually have a lesson in-store for this post.

So let’s look at the comment a little closer. Notice how the first thing he mentions is the “outstanding customer service”? That’s because good customer relations is the most important part of any service based industry. I’d go as far to say that the finished product or service can be sub-par if the customer experience is top of the line.

Let me give you an example of how important the customer’s experience is.

At my print shop, I have a lot of return business. I have to treat these customers like gold because I need them to feel secure in knowing that if they have a problem they can come to me. Not every order that I produce is going to be perfect. It’s impossible for mistakes not to happen when you deal with custom jobs for dozens of different customers at any given time.

Obviously, no customer likes when a job is delivered that’s wrong. And I don’t blame them for being upset. They are paying good money to have a job completed with accuracy. So, when a job is wrong, I naturally don’t want the customer to automatically go to my competitor; I want them to let me know so I can fix it. I also want them to return to me for their next order.

If I don’t give them the best customer service, every time, they have no loyalty to me. Without a relationship, I am just another commodity. But, if I make sure that they have the best possible experience, when an inevitable mistake happens, not only will they not be mad (because they know I’ll fix it fast!), but they will remain my customer.

If you don’t have a person that is good at communication, get one! If you’re a solopreneur, and you lack people skills, learn them!

Customer service is the determining factor, most of the time, whether you keep your customers after a mistake, or lose them to your competition. So make sure your customers are happy, and that they have a top-notch experience every time.

Until next time,

Jerrod H.


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